Log stool

座面になっている丸太の年輪には、乾燥収縮による割れを防ぐための背割れを入れ、脚には樹皮をそのまま残しています。年輪は樹木の成長の記録であり、割れの広がりは樹木の乾燥による収縮の変化を表しています。そして、脚の樹皮には、樹木が生きた痕跡が残っています。Log stoolは樹木の成長の記録を残した家具です。

Trees after it has been cut down from the mountains, it is lumber will be wood.Wood is a useful material.However, lumber wood is faded presence of trees.We want to feel the inherent goodness trees.For example, fish is possible to eat whole by cooking method I caught in the sea.Trees are also the same.We thought that you whole furniture of the trees were caught from the mountain.Bark is also intact.The annual rings of the log that is in the seat surface, was placed in the back cracking in order to prevent cracking due to drying shrinkage. We leave the bark on the legs.Annual ring is a record of the growth of trees, spread of crack represents the change of contraction.Then, in the bark of the legs, there are still living traces of trees.Log stool is furniture that left a record of the growth of trees.