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In 1968, cherry trees were planted by the locals in Fujigaoka, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.Today, it is known as a town of cherry blossom trees.
Every April, a cherry blossom festival is held in front of Fujigaoka Station.
It is familiar to local people as a daily scene.
However, in recent years, pruning is being carried out for reasons such as road maintenance.So instead of throwing away the pruned cherry trees, the locals wanted to reuse them.
We designed the counter in response to the thoughts of the local people. The counter is used at the Cherry Blossom Festival.
The tree trunk that has supported the beautiful cherry blossoms in the shadows. The rugged bark and undulating thick trunk give a feeling of strength.
In addition, the cross section has a beautiful appearance of stacked annual rings, and the strong bark feels comfortable to the touch.
The role of making cherry blossoms bloom is over.However, it will be light up again at the Cherry Blossom Festival.Let the “flower of smiles” bloom.

Material: Street tree cherry blossoms

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